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The Wild, Wild West (of Bolivia)

After helpful Spanish lessons, feeling like locals in Sucre, and a quick stop in Potosi, it was time to make our way to Tupiza. This is where we were going to organize our tour of South Western Bolivia, which of … Continue reading

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Spanish in Sucre and Feeling High in Potosi

Even though we had already spent more time in Bolivia than we had anticipated, we decided to spend a week in Sucre and take more Spanish classes. We both felt that we had improved quite a bit since our first … Continue reading

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Bolivia’s Beer and More…

Bolivia has not exactly been the beer lover’s retreat, probably because there are only a few national brands. But one good thing about getting further south on the continent is that the wine is starting to get cheaper, better, and … Continue reading

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Toucans, and Condors, and Monkeys, Oh My!

After our amazing experience in Torotoro, we took a 15 hour-long bus ride (not quite as much fun) to Bolivia’s largest city, Santa Cruz.  We only made a quick stop in Santa Cruz, prior to heading to Samaipata, but were still … Continue reading

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Torotoro: Take Three

On our final day in Torotoro we went out for another amazing hike in a different canyon. This one was not as deep or as vast as the first one we visited, but it was just as spectacular. Our time … Continue reading

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Torotoro Part Two- So there were dinosaurs here once…

Torotoro’s main draw is the amazing number of dinosaur footprints that can be found in the area. During our time there, we went to a few different places where you could find them (Cerro Waylas and Carreras Pampas had the most), … Continue reading

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Torortoro – More than just dinosaur footprints.

From Rurrenabaque, we made a quick pit stop in La Paz before heading south to Cochabamba. Cochabamba was just a quick layover to help us organize a tour to Torotoro National Park. We didn’t know too much about this park (other … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Jungle!

After our time in the Pampas, we spent a few days in Rurre before heading out in to the “real” jungle. Rurre is just about as touristy as a town can get, but unlike in other countries (ahem, Peru), the … Continue reading

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The Pampas- We couldn’t leave South America without at least one Drunken Guide Experience.

**We would like to apologize for the delay in Blogs, E-mails, Tweets and whatever else requires the internet.  The internet has been slow (at best) in Bolivia and finding a reliable signal outside of a major city is a chore.** We … Continue reading

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A Very Quime Christmas

For Christmas, we decided to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and head to a small and quiet country town called Quime.  The town is located about 6 hours by bus away from La Paz, as it … Continue reading

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