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Iguazu Falls

**As the time grows that we are at home, so does the time between blogs.  Sorry for this, but we are adjusting back to “real life,” which is quite not as thrilling as traveling. ** Our last adventure in Argentina, … Continue reading

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Salta and Our Great Road Trip

*** Okay, you caught us. We have returned from the big trip, but we have been very busy trying to get back into the swing of things.  These last few posts are a little (ok, a lot) late, but we … Continue reading

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Hanging out in and around Córdoba

After a great time in Buenos Aires, the three of us headed east to Córdoba. Córdoba is your typical colonial city with many interesting churches, museums, and pedestrian walkways to explore.  If you are at all in to shopping, you … Continue reading

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Uruguay: Final Thoughts.

Traveled for:  20 days (Our shortest country stay, but also the smallest country we have visited.) Cost per day of travel: about $100 per day Places visited: Colonia del Sacramento, Salto, Tacuarembo, Montevideo, and Punta del Diablo. Favorite Stop(s): Punta del … Continue reading

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These are a few of our favorite things… Buenos Aires Edition

Travelers have long raved about Buenos Aires. Beautiful. Great parks. Amazing food. History. And the list went on and on. The only thing people ever seemed to complain about was all the dog poop on the sidewalks. And yes, there is … Continue reading

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Uruguay: Part 2

From the sleepy gaucho town of Tacuarembo, we headed to the polar opposite, the capital city of Montevideo.  Montevideo is a modern city full of fun events, good restaurants, lots of people, and several fútbol teams.  Uruguay boasts an overall population of … Continue reading

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Uruguay: Part One

After a short overnight bus to Buenos Aires, we took a ferry across the Rio Plata to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.  Colonia is an old fort city whose ownership has been passed between Spain and Portugal more times than we can count.  This town … Continue reading

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