Uruguay: Final Thoughts.

Traveled for:  20 days (Our shortest country stay, but also the smallest country we have visited.)

Cost per day of travel: about $100 per day

Places visited: Colonia del Sacramento, Salto, Tacuarembo, Montevideo, and Punta del Diablo.

Favorite Stop(s): Punta del Diablo was a perfect place to relax and enjoy (especially with our own little beach apartment), but we really loved the whole country.

New Phrase Pronunciation Learned:

The Spanish double L sound changed from a “y” to more of a “j.” This doesn’t sound so complicated, but that “ll” combination is used quite frequently, and it took us quite awhile to adapt.

Moments We Remember:

– Watching the sun set at Punta del Diablo.

– Taking pictures of EVERYTHING in Colonia.

– Awesome Italian dinner made by an actual Italian in Salto.

– Making new friends in Montevideo.

– Seeing actual gauchos in Tacaurembo.

– Attempting to sing along at a crazy futbol match in Montevideo


“Want to join us for a parrilla tonight?” Uruguayans know how to grill meat, and they were more than happy to share their skills with us. Just be warned, they tend to not get started until after 10 pm, and you normally don’t eat until around midnight. Fun nights of food and conversation, but you better hope you can sleep in the next day.

Biggest Surprise:

Not wanting to leave Punta del Diablo. We just couldn’t force ourselves to keep moving.

Items We Packed That We Couldn’t Have Lived Without:

Joe’s nice camera for taking pictures of all the beautiful scenery.

Total Time Spent Apart From Spouse: 

Maybe an hour. It’s amazing that we still enjoy spending time together!

Would We Do Anything Differently: 

We might have planned things differently so we could have seen Uruguay’s beaches when it was a bit warmer. If it had been a little cheaper (or we wanted to spend a little more), this would have been a fun country to rent a car in.

Would We Return:

Yes! We both agree that Uruguay’s relaxed and friendly vibe would make this the easiest country to live in.

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1 Response to Uruguay: Final Thoughts.

  1. Mom says:

    Counting the days until I see you. So happy you have had such a wonderful experience. I am really looking forward to all of those Shutterfly books.

    You need to send your Uruguay pictures and posts to Ali Schu so she can pass them along to Pancho’s family. They were very excited to hear you were visiting their homeland.

    Stay safe! See you all SOON!!!!!!!

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