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Ecuador: Final Thoughts

Traveled for: 32 days Cost per day of travel: There are a few different ways to look at this. Ecuador average without Spanish classes or Galapagos: About $27 person/day (way under budget of $50 person/day). Ecuador average with Spanish classes … Continue reading

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Ecuador to Peru (the long way around)

After enjoying the city life in Cuenca for a few days, we knew that our time in Ecuador was rapidly winding down. Now came the big decision… how to get to Peru. We decided to skip Peru’s Northern Coast (and … Continue reading

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Where in Europe is Cuenca?

Cobblestone streets. Art shows. Outdoor cafes. Museums. Beautifully preserved buildings. Wait a second, I thought we were in Ecuador?! No, our bus did not magically transport us to Paris, but to the lovely town of Cuenca, which is most definitely … Continue reading

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Joe’s Beer and Chips: Pilsener and Fine Cuisine

Some of you might think I have been slipping on my duties to faithfully report on beers around the world.  I could agree with you somewhat, but Ecuador has only two “national” beers, so there was much work to be … Continue reading

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When in Baños…

As it turned out, we both needed a strong stomach to handle our time in Baños, and not just for the hair-raising activities that were offered on every corner. After about two months of traveling in South America, we felt we … Continue reading

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How to enjoy the Galapagos without a cruise (and without spending your life savings!)

***This post will be pretty boring to read unless you are looking for information on how to travel through the Galapagos on your own. Feel free to skip reading it or just look at the nice pictures.*** To be honest, … Continue reading

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Santa Cruz – Galapagos

Arriving in Puerto Ayora, on the main island of Santa Cruz, was a bit of a shock to our system.  We had just left the sleepy island of Isabela and its sandy streets, and now we were surrounded by the hustle … Continue reading

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Isabela – Galapagos

We arrived on the sand filled streets of Puerto Villamil, on Isabela island,  after two ferry rides and a quick stop on the island of Santa Cruz.  This island had a total different vibe and look than the other islands. … Continue reading

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San Cristobal – Galapagos

If pictures are really worth a thousand words, this is going to be one of the longest posts ever.  Just a warning. It was no easy feat to get to the island of San Cristobal in the Galapagos.  First, we … Continue reading

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Quito: Is it malaria?

While visiting the second highest capital city in the world, we quickly figured out why everyone was walking around a little slower than usual.  In Quito, it was easy to feel out of shape any time you had to walk uphill … Continue reading

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