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Peru: Final Thoughts

Peru’s got personality. There is no denying it. Here are just a few things that made Peru so different. – Getting receipts for everything, no matter how small the purchase. And when you didn’t seem interested in the receipt, they … Continue reading

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Arequipa and Colca Canyon: And this is why we avoid tours.

Arequipa- one of those cities that was a “must-see” according to all the other travelers we met along the way. While all three of us found the city to be pleasant, we weren’t blown away by anything like we were … Continue reading

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The Peru Beer and Snack Wrap Up

Not to beat a dead horse, but for the most part, the beer has not been too exciting in South America.  Peru had more brands of beer to sample than Ecuador or Colombia, but they all rated about the same- … Continue reading

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Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail- We could have taken the train here?

We decided to take the easy way to Machu Picchu in order to avoid the difficult train/bus ride to the site. Instead, we opted to hike over 26 miles in four days, over two 13,000+ feet mountain passes, all while … Continue reading

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Cusco (What’s his name?!)

Arriving in Cusco after a long night bus, Teresa and Kristen couldn’t help but make numerous references to the Disney movie, “The Emperor’s New Groove.” To Joe’s delight, most of those references consisted of singing (many times off-key) whenever someone … Continue reading

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Teresa’s First South American Bus Ride is “Kind of Like Extortion”.

All right!  Teresa here, guest blogging for Kris and Joe.  I’m going to give you all a little flavor of what my first full day in South America was like… 6:00am  Alarm rings.  We awake after a tiring night and … Continue reading

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Lima – Better come hungry

After an amazing train ride through the Andes, we were ready to take on Lima, which with around 9 million people, there was bound to be a lot to see and do. Lima is well known for it great food, … Continue reading

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Huancayo: Futbol and a Train

We knew the bus to Huancayo would be long. Twelve hours to be exact (and that’s if everything went smoothly). As it was supposed to be a scenic ride, we even opted to take the cheaper daytime bus. Just judging … Continue reading

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Ayacucho: “What brings you here?”

Way back in the beginning of this trip, we met a fellow traveler in Medellin, Colombia, who was also traveling through South America. Conveniently for us, he had visited most of the countries that we were planning to see and … Continue reading

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Huaraz – The city hand santizer was invented for.

We took the easy way from Huanchaco to Huaraz- a first class seat on a VIP bus (we’re still not sure who the VIPs were though). The seat laid down to a full 180° bed and it was comfortable enough … Continue reading

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