After 6 years of marriage, we are celebrating turning 30 with a trip around the world.

We’re leaving Colorado at the end of August and starting in Colombia. We plan on exploring South America and then maybe heading to Africa, but it’s all up in the air. We’ll gladly take any suggestions!

We hope you enjoy following our progress!

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  1. Luciana says:

    Hello thanks for the wonderful report, we are going to Ecuador in February and did not think of doing Galapagos on our own. We are a retired couple, seasoned travelers , we travel about 5 months a year and you have inspired us. We found great flights from GYE and we are now seriously considering going to the islands. Did you travel in Ecuador ? We are going to be spending 5 weeks and going to be renting a car for a week (maybe) and taking buses….
    If you are interested in Turkey, Italy, Indonesia, Morocco we can give you great tips. Happy travels, a passion that will be with you for your entire life….
    Best Luciana and David, Boston MA

    • shoefry says:

      I am glad it helps! We loved traveling in the Galapagos on our own. We would have probably seen more places and animals if we had done a cruise, but we really enjoyed our slower pace and doing things without the crowd.

      We are currently in Peru, but we traveled a bit around Ecuador (Otavalo, Quito, Banos, and Cuenca). I will post more on those locations soon.

      We loved Turkey and Italy! We hope to make it one day to Indonesia and Morocco, but it looks like we will be sticking to just South America on this trip.

      Happy travels to you!

  2. Delores Kinsey says:

    This is an amazing blog! Especially enjoyed the posts on the Galapagos as we are going there in February. I plan on using information from your blog to help with the planning. The pictures you posted are wonderful and complement the storyline. I’ll be following your progress. Thanks for sharing! Delores & Bud, Kapoho, HI

  3. Alex Pynen says:

    Hi Joe, my names Alex (i’m your mum and dads spin instructor). They told me to get in contact with you as im spending a few weeks in California in Sept/Oct and thought maybe you could show me around if you’re free one day? No doubt i will be just aimlessly moving from place to place! haha. I did try and find you on Facebook but there are alot of Joe Fry’s! Also this blog looks wicked! I’v spent about an hour on here reading so far!
    Thanks mate

  4. Denene Klosterman says:

    Hello my sweet Kristen and that good looking Joe. What an amazing time in your life!!!
    All is well in SLO. Loretta is a junior at the Univ. of Redlands in So. Cal. Katie is here at Cuesta and Nick is a junior trying to decide on what colleges to apply to. Life is good. I just keep Paul working and he is not allowed to ever use the “r” word – retire. I don’t know your email. I know the girls would love to catch up. Not that Nick wouldn’t but he is a man of few words at least to his mom.
    I am excited for you both. Enjoy your travels. Tell the parents and siblings all hello.


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