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Chilean food: better served warm. Chilean beer: better served chilly.

Chile is the first country that we have visited where the locals have more money to spend, and it shows in their beverage selection.  In Chile, there is always large selection of beers and wines to choose from, and we … Continue reading

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Bolivia’s Beer and More…

Bolivia has not exactly been the beer lover’s retreat, probably because there are only a few national brands. But one good thing about getting further south on the continent is that the wine is starting to get cheaper, better, and … Continue reading

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The Peru Beer and Snack Wrap Up

Not to beat a dead horse, but for the most part, the beer has not been too exciting in South America.  Peru had more brands of beer to sample than Ecuador or Colombia, but they all rated about the same- … Continue reading

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Joe’s Beer and Chips: Pilsener and Fine Cuisine

Some of you might think I have been slipping on my duties to faithfully report on beers around the world.  I could agree with you somewhat, but Ecuador has only two “national” beers, so there was much work to be … Continue reading

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Beer and Pizza!!!!!!!

From Salento, we had a nice three-hour ride to Buga. Buga was founded by (guess who!) the Spaniards, and it is one of the oldest settled cities in Colombia.  Our original purpose for visiting this pueblo was to sample the beer … Continue reading

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Good Beer Makes Me Smile (and may make the room spin!)

Finally, some good beer was found on this trip! Now, I have enjoyed some Colombian beers on a hot day, but we finally tracked down 3 Cordilleras, and it is one beer that I would enjoy anytime! I cannot take … Continue reading

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Aguila, Aguila Light, and Pablo Escobar’s Lake house

Okay so I didn’t really drink a beer in Pablo’s bathtub (found the empty can lying around), but I have tasted both Aguila and Aguila Light throughout our trip in Colombia.  I would say they run in the family of Budweiser and … Continue reading

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