Aguila, Aguila Light, and Pablo Escobar’s Lake house

Aguila beer in Pablo Escobar's bath tub

Okay so I didn’t really drink a beer in Pablo’s bathtub (found the empty can lying around), but I have tasted both Aguila and Aguila Light throughout our trip in Colombia.  I would say they run in the family of Budweiser and Bud Light, both good enough to drink but need to be very cold.  As my dad says, “Beers in South America are not too impressive, but if they are really cold, they are pretty good.”

Once we arrived in Guatape, (about 2 hours away from Medellin) we took a boat trip with some others at our hostel to view the beautiful man made lake and the remains of Pablo Escobar’s lake house.  The house has definitely seen better days, but it was still interesting to wander around the grounds of such an infamous man.  Despite all the do not enter signs, our boat driver assured us it was okay to explore…

Pablo's lake home - We could only imagine the pool parties

On another note: chip lovers rejoice, clap your hands, and call your favorite chip loving friend to spread the good news, we had major success in the chip department.

While wandering the streets of Medellin today, I noticed a street stall selling homemade potato chips. “Eureka,” I shouted, and I pulled Kristen to his stand.  I made a quick transaction and when I got these wonderful chips, things only got better.  As he was handing me the bag he asked if I wanted fresh lemon squeezed on to them.  Well, of course I do, and let me tell you that was something amazing.

Chips!!!! That is not grease, it is lemon juice

The warm salty crunchy chips with the hint of sour lemon made my taste buds jump.  This is not a normal lemon, but more a cross between a lemon and orange, which created a nice sweet/sour taste.

It’s going to be hard to top this one, so I just might go ahead and call them the best chips of Colombia.  The shear fact that no pork rinds were in the vicinity made this crunchy delight jump even higher in the ratings.  Picture is not too great, but trust me the taste was amazing. Hope the same guy is there tomorrow!


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5 Responses to Aguila, Aguila Light, and Pablo Escobar’s Lake house

  1. Dee says:

    Dang, it was about time for a chip/beer update. I was wondering if Joe had gone vegan on us or something.

    And I’m sure it was totally safe for a young American couple with no definite future travel plans and a seemingly unending vacation to head into the most notorious drug area in the world. I swear I can see a hooded individual with an AK-47 strapped around his chest in the shadows of the first compartment on the left in the picture of Escobar’s compound. You guys really need to start looking around yourselves when you take these side trips.

    Hope to hear from you again.

    P. S. Just exactly how ARE you financing this trip anyway?

  2. Crazy kids! Although, those chips do look delicious!

  3. Teresa Schuberg says:

    Take that, Doritos! And don’t even try, Pringles!

    Also, don’t worry about the do not enter signs. You’re not in some shady, drug capital place or anything, so it’s not like you have to worry about getting caught.

    You know, I did go to Baja Fresh the other day; it’s almost like they were homemade with lemon juice on them, but instead, they’re stale with too much salt on them. It’s like the same. I don’t really see why you wanted to travel around the world when there are clearly passable chips here.

  4. Lo says:

    Not gonna lie, those chips sound dang yummy. Well done Joe.

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