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Huancayo: Futbol and a Train

We knew the bus to Huancayo would be long. Twelve hours to be exact (and that’s if everything went smoothly). As it was supposed to be a scenic ride, we even opted to take the cheaper daytime bus. Just judging … Continue reading

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Ayacucho: “What brings you here?”

Way back in the beginning of this trip, we met a fellow traveler in Medellin, Colombia, who was also traveling through South America. Conveniently for us, he had visited most of the countries that we were planning to see and … Continue reading

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Huaraz – The city hand santizer was invented for.

We took the easy way from Huanchaco to Huaraz- a first class seat on a VIP bus (we’re still not sure who the VIPs were though). The seat laid down to a full 180° bed and it was comfortable enough … Continue reading

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Beach Time in Peru

When leaving Ecuador, we picked mountains over beach by deciding to go to Chachapoyas instead of Mancora (hmm, sounds like when we chose to move to Colorado from Hawaii). We were craving some time relaxing in the sand, sun, and … Continue reading

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Chachapoyas: As fun to say as it is to visit!

Reading about Chachapoyas, or Chacha to the locals, gave us hope that it would be similar to Jardin, our favorite little town in Colombia.  It was described as a quiet town with central square where everyone would hang out.  We love … Continue reading

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Ecuador to Peru (the long way around)

After enjoying the city life in Cuenca for a few days, we knew that our time in Ecuador was rapidly winding down. Now came the big decision… how to get to Peru. We decided to skip Peru’s Northern Coast (and … Continue reading

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