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Chilean food: better served warm. Chilean beer: better served chilly.

Chile is the first country that we have visited where the locals have more money to spend, and it shows in their beverage selection.  In Chile, there is always large selection of beers and wines to choose from, and we … Continue reading

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What is it with Touristy Towns and Volcanoes? Puerto Varas and Bariloche

From the sleepy island of Chiloe, we made the journey to the lake city of Puerto Varas. This area is known for its beautiful glacier fed lake dominated by a dormant volcano in the background.  Puerto Varas has quite the … Continue reading

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Chiloe: It’s Chile with an extra O!

Feeling relaxed and refreshed from our trip sailing “on a northbound ferry” up the Chilean Fjords, we set our sights on the island of Chiloe.  The island is known for its excellent seafood, natural beauty (which is absolutely striking when … Continue reading

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Chilean Fjords: We’re on a Boat!

Finished with Patagonia, we needed to keep heading north, and what better way than by booking a passage on the Navimag ferry through the Chilean Fjords.  This trip intrigued us because many people described it as the poor man’s alternative to an Antarctica … Continue reading

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Patagonia: The Good, The Bad, and The Expensive.

To kick off our adventure in the Patagonia area, we took a flight from Santiago to Punta Arenas.  Chile might not be a wide country (it never exceeds 150 miles), but it sure is long (like 2,700 miles), and it takes … Continue reading

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Bikes, Beaches, and Street Culture: Valparaiso and Santiago

After a thrilling 25-hour bus ride from Northern Chile and a quick stop in Santiago, we finally arrived in Valparaiso. Joe had visited Valparaiso 11 years before while on the Golden Bear (his training ship), and he had always wanted … Continue reading

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San Pedro de Atacama: Welcome to Chile! Now, hand over your wallet.

After our two-day border crossing from Bolivia, we arrived in the desert city of San Pedro de Atacama. This is a town full of adobe mud houses, and it felt different from any other place we have been. It was … Continue reading

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Bolivia: Final Thoughts

Bet you thought we’d never leave Bolivia. Well, we finally did, but only because we had to make it to Patagonia (Southern Chile and Argentina) while it was still summer. Traveled for: 54 days Cost per day of travel: Bolivia is … Continue reading

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Finally, We Present: The Salar de Uyuni

Thanks to our guide, we arrived at the salt flats for sunset after a long day of driving. We joined a few other groups at the edge of the salt to watch the sun disappear. We decided to shed our … Continue reading

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Flamingos and Dusty Roads – More from the Southwest Circuit to The Salar de Uyuni

We bumped along the high altitude plains and canyons of the Southwest Circuit, for almost two days before reaching the more famous lagoons. Now, lagoons on their own might not be that exciting, but when you stuff them full of … Continue reading

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