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Good Beer Makes Me Smile (and may make the room spin!)

Finally, some good beer was found on this trip! Now, I have enjoyed some Colombian beers on a hot day, but we finally tracked down 3 Cordilleras, and it is one beer that I would enjoy anytime! I cannot take … Continue reading

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Medellin – Danger is only my middle name

When one conjures up thoughts of Medellin, it is usually something about Pablo Escobar, drugs, or murder (or a combination of all three).  Fortunately for us and other eager travelers, there is much more to see and do in this city that has … Continue reading

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Ode to the Medellin Metro

US: “No, I think we’ll skip Medellin. We’re not big city people really, and we already went to Bogotá.” EVERYONE WE EVER SAID THIS TO: “Oh no, you really should go to Medellin. They have a great metro system.” Whenever we … Continue reading

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Guatape: Disneyland and Crayola’s Secret Love Child

After a wonderful overnight bus from Bogotá (meaning we actually got sleep and got in at a normal hour) we arrived in the magical and wonderful town of Guatape.  Being so close to Medellin, this area hasn’t always been safe enough … Continue reading

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Aguila, Aguila Light, and Pablo Escobar’s Lake house

Okay so I didn’t really drink a beer in Pablo’s bathtub (found the empty can lying around), but I have tasted both Aguila and Aguila Light throughout our trip in Colombia.  I would say they run in the family of Budweiser and … Continue reading

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Exploring the Salt Cathedral

To escape the hustle and bustle of the big city we headed to the small town of Zipaquira to take a tour of the famous salt cathedral.  Just getting there was part of the adventure and excitement.  Being in a … Continue reading

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Bogota: Our first taste of a BIG city

So Bogota wasn’t on our list of “Must Sees,” but fellow travelers (and its convenient location) convinced us that it was worth a stop. Neither of us are huge “city” fans, and I personally believe that in order to truly … Continue reading

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