Chips and Beer Colombia – Mixton Chips and another amazing snack.

I recently enjoyed a bag a Mixton Natural Chips on Cocos Beach in Tayrona. Not quite sure where the “natural” part came in, but they were… interesting. In the bag was a mixture of potato chips, plantain chips, and different types of pork rinds. I should have guessed that they would have been different when the picture on the front included hot dogs, but I could not figure out a nice way to tell the lady at the store never mind. Solely for the sake of this segment, I suffered through, and polished off this bag. I think if it were not for the beautiful ocean view and hammock I would not have enjoyed these quite as much.

Mixton Chips * * - - - (2 out of 5 Stars)

This next snack, however, more than wowed me, it was a beautiful mixture of fried and gooey perfection. We later heard it called Papitas. Basically it consists of mashed and roasted potatoes with seasoned beef, rolled into a ball, and then breaded and fried. Thus, the amazing combination of the crisp outside and gooey inside. Such a nice, healthy, low-calorie snack. This was a quick road side snack on our voyage from Tayrona to Mompos, but it has quickly become one of my favorites…..

Papitas con Carne * * * * *

Congrats Colombia on such an excellent and cheap (about 40 cents each) treat.

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3 Responses to Chips and Beer Colombia – Mixton Chips and another amazing snack.

  1. Anonymous says:

    A Dios Mio!!! Muy fabuloso!

  2. Teresa Schuberg says:

    Delish. Except for the first chips. Seriously– what was going on there?

  3. I want a Papita — looks delish!!!

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